to communicate with your crop

The Sensors

We are aggressively in development of low cost sap flow system, which include improvements in original sap flow sensor (Stem Heat Balance) as well as new sensor type. Coming soon!

  • Low cost sap flow system (Beta version)
    • 4 sap flow sensors
    • Logger(BLE / Bluetooth 2.0 / Wifi / XBee, PAR sensor, Temperature, RH)
    • Small solar system
  • Low cost soil moisture sensor (Beta version)
    • Low cost soil water matric potential sensor(max 16 sensor)
    • Logger(BLE / Bluetooth 2.0 / Wifi / XBee)
    • Small solar system

Our Story

Our main case study is Viticulture.

10 years ago, three men (Hitoshi Ikegawa, Yasuhiro Ogihara, Kazuhiro Nishioka) founded Team Kisvin which is the group to study and practice the scientific viticulture in Yamanashi prefecture, Japan.

Hitoshi Ikegawa launched i-vines ( which is the good grape maker, 5 years ago, and Yasuhiro Ogihara started the Kisvin winery ( 3 years ago.

Here, Kazuhiro Nishioka founded the Kisvin Science Inc. Team Kisvin continues challenging a scientific grape growing and wine making.

However, Kisvin Science wants to contribute for development of viticulture with grape growers of the world.

For your professional farming, we will produce the physiological sensing tools.

Shall we listen to plants using our sensors?

We can add new extension senses to open the invisible territory.

About us

Kisvin Science is a professional company of sap flow sensing. from wine grape growing to wine making and system development.

Name Kisvin Science Inc.
Date of Establishment May 1, 2015
Address #1203 Primal ShibuyaSakuragaoka, 22-6 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya Tokyo 150-0031 Japan
CEO Ryoji Tanaka